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Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Well its been a week or two since leaving facebook and instagram and honestly - aside from a handful of accounts on instagram that seem to have forgotten about their websites - I don't miss it at all. I admit I had to log back into facebook one time. The process is that once you hit delete account they still leave your account in limbo for 4 weeks 'in case you change your mind'. I didn't change my mind I just forgot to write down the contact information for people I've bought hay from in the past. So we're still on that. I will say that I have been able to read like 3 books, my house and barnyard is cleaner, I cook healthier and am more excited to face each day than when I had the socials to scroll. The cleaner house and reading makes sense because I have time suddenly appear where I'm not sucked into a handheld screen while sitting on the couch. The cooking healthier and actually wanting to workout was a surprise. I'm telling you guys - one healthy step at a time and your entire life can change. I have no regrets on leaving social media. Its tough to answer the question "so how do you market that?" after people in person learn what I do. It is tough to run a small business in this age of social media *without* social media accounts. But I have faith that we'll be just fine. The horses are simultaneously enjoying the snow and I think also ready for spring. They get so. much. hay. and a lot more time off in the winter but they're a bit bored. Business slows way down and I tend to spend way more time inside the house than in the garden or the barn when its chilly out. The snow sure makes for some pretty photos though!! Next post will be more winter fun and a peek at how Paul the Peacock is doing with his first winter.

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