In a world where bravery is often encouraged but rarely taught, where vulnerability is beginning to be recognized as an important skill but its often misused to cause even more fear, Starting Gate is here to help. 

Here we Open the Gate to unforgettable learning while working side by side with incredible teachers that are scientifically incapable of judgment. They are not specially trained for this, even though they are horses. They rely only on their basic instincts and social structure as horses to teach us valuable lessons in leadership, teamwork, empathy, trust, communication, confidence and more. All invaluable skills that lead to a brave life.

Open the Gate

to Unforgettable Learning

Serving Lincoln, Omaha, Roca, Denton, Hickman, Beatrice and beyond

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We have been trained by the world-renowned Equine Connection - The Academy of Equine Assisted Learning Inc, who certify all over the world through the Academy of Equine Assisted Learning BuildingBlock™ course. You will see Equine Connection instructors in the videos provided, these will give a better understanding of our programs and workshops.

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