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The Family Herd

Horses are non judgmental. They don't care what clothes we wear, where we live, what our family looks like or how many are included.
All they care about is how we make them feel.
They give 100% honest feedback about the dynamics of the family working with them. Their feedback is immediate which gives valuable learning moments for the team. The Family Herd course meets one a week for 6 weeks, each visit focusing on important lessons to bring home to make your family stronger, healthier, braver and happier together. 

There is no horse experience necessary for a family to participate in the programs at Starting Gate. We focus less on 'horse skills' and more on making your family strong. The horses are the teachers in these conversations so we don't ride them, instead we work with them and allow them to teach us.

What to expect:

6 visits to the farm! Thats 6 safe, away from home memories being made. 


Facilitated guidance from a certified equine assisted learning facilitator.

We will gather for some classroom time at the beginning of each visit. We'll talk over our goals for the day and introduce this weeks topic of family strength and endurance. 

Then we'll spend time with the teacher horses and gather together again in the classroom one more time. 

Your family will get a Family Journal to take home, utilize and keep forever. It even comes with ideas for at home family time and will be an excellent dinner table talk topic. 

Horses and humans have a hard time surviving without their families. We cannot wait to see you open the gate to a happier healthier family!

Note: the youngest family member must be 8 years old or older to participate.

family activity fun bonding help.jpg

Safety is our number one priority at Starting Gate. Your family will be the only household visiting at your selected time. The class is focused on your family! The first thing your family will learn is safe handling of their horsey teammate. The horses are continually worked with to ensure safety and fun while working with your family. 

There are no restrooms available - but programs are only 90 minutes in length. No snacks are provided and participants are encouraged to bring their own water. All programs have a minimum age requirement of 8 years old.

Please Contact Us for questions or to sign up for this amazing opportunity. 

PRICE: $25/persons 18+ and $17/child per week for 5 weeks
(example: mom, dad, 11 year old and 9 year old - $20/class for both mom and dad, $15/class for each child for 5 weeks - total: $420)

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