Changes are a 'happenin!

Well hello blog! If you follow on Instagram and/or are on the Starting Gate Open the Gate email list - you know that I made a big announcement that we were merging with a local non-profit that also works with horses. They had asked me to come on as executive director and I was willing to let Starting Gate kind of fade into what they were already doing. Well. Turns out things were not going to go as smoothly as theory said they would. Many hours of meetings and many hours or prayer later the decision was made that these two entities would remain separate. The ministry that asked me to come on as leadership will still exist as it has been and I will still have Starting Gate.

I want to be very clear that there are no hard feelings between myself/Starting Gate and the other ministry. I'm purposefully not naming or linking their things because I want to be very very clear that we are still in support of what they are doing and I don't want anyone to think ill of that ministry. They are doing important work and our visions just didn't align. I am still very good friends with those that run the other ministry and I pray the best for them. The issue that caused us to *not* merge was merely a different vision for what the future looks like. Neither vision is bad or wrong, just different. (Yes, it is still possible even in 2021 to disagree on something and still neither side be wrong!). That leaves me with Starting Gate still and the beautiful work we have going on with our horses Mika, Ezekiel and Tom. I do want to make what we do here more accessible for all who want to participate or be involved in some way so I am looking at converting to a non-profit or other organization. For now, we are going to be reinstating our insurance policy which we had let lapse when we thought we'd be joining under the other ministries title. No biggie just some extra paperwork and writing a check. Once that insurance is back in place we will be once again offering EAL services like always. Ponies and Prayer will be starting back up very soon as well and in the future we hope to start offering riding programs, community events and some other fun things I'm going to keep as a surprise.

This path we've walked has been full of ups and downs over the past few months as we worked with the other ministry to try to work something out (again, they are still a beautiful ministry and we support them! No hard feelings at all.). I am not fearful or anxious though because as I've always said - these are God's horses and He knows what He wants to do with them. I'm just His hands doing the daily care and updating the website.

He says He will never leave us (Deut. 31:8) and He has left us with so much scripture as a light unto our feet (psalm 119). I've always had to remind myself that that light, the knowledge of what to do next, is always just for my feet - it doesn't illuminate the entire trail ahead of me - just my next step. This ministry that I hope to see Starting Gate grow into is so so exciting! I know that one step at a time we will get there, where ever God wants us to be. Thank you- weather you are a past client at SG, a fan of what we do, family or a friend of mine - I sincerely thank you for all of your support, kind words and willingness to stick with me as I work with God to mold this ministry with horses into what He want it to be. The email signup is on the bottom of this page and you can find us on Instagram @Starting_Gate_NE

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