How will you communicate your needs in a way that makes you actually heard? How will you advocate for your baby AND yourself in the weeks and months to come?
What makes a good leader and why does that matter to motherhood? 

Where do boundaries come into play with navigating a new tiny member of your family - both close and extended?

We'll dig into all of these things and you will leave the arena having Opened the Gate to being the best mother you can be! 

Bringing home a new baby is exciting! 

It's also a bit terrifying and a whole lot off work. 
Theres registries to be made, cribs to assemble, car seats to choose and a million and one people giving advice. Or terrifying stories of birth and never sleeping again disguised as advice... 

But what about YOU mama? What are you doing to prepare yourself for motherhood? It's a huge change. I've done it twice now and while I will never claim to be an expert - I can truthfully say that my horses have helped me be a better mom to my boys. (one of which is nearly 7 months old as I type this and keeps trying to grab my keyboard). 

Theres a lot I wish I had done - and a lot I want you to do or avoid as you transform from just you, into MOTHER. 



Join a small group of other mamas once a week for 4 weeks and become the best mom to your child.

This course is created with your safety in mind. You and your pregnancy's comfort as we learn are top priority. This program is created specifically for first time moms-to-be before their 8th month of pregnancy. Mothers with older children expecting another are of course welcome! No childcare is available at this time- please arrange childcare for any children on your own. Programs last approximately 90 minutes and meet once a week for 4 weeks. Refreshments available every session. Each session is important to attend as the skills we work on build on each other from week to week. Please contact with any questions or concerns!

This is a fun and rewarding activity for YOU before baby makes their anticipated appearance.

Taylor, your facilitator, and Teacher Horse Mika back in 2017 awaiting Taylors first baby.



8am - 4pm

By appointment only​


Call to arrange yours!


11700 S 5th Street
Roca, NE 68430

By appointment only please!

T / 218-213-8167


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