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2022 News

New Herd Member!

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Hours of Operation

We are currently closed for the season. Check back in 2023 for our newest calendar and upcoming events!

Welcome to Starting Gate

Heaven and Hell. The Wrath of God. The End is near. Repent. Eternity.
These are all words that used to terrify me. Raised in the church I’ve heard them since I was a small child and those are big concepts for not only a child but for most adults too. I was still wrestling with them and starting to find some clarity when new words entered my life.
Betrayal. Mistrust. Church anger. Church hurt.
People who claimed to follow this Jesus that the Bible describes as loving and accepting did just the opposite to me. They betrayed my trust. The church hurt me.
Years of fighting now with words I knew were true (Heaven, wrath, eternity) but also with things I’d personally experienced that really hurt while also searching for other things that are true. Forgiveness. Love. Peace. Trust. Trust in myself and trust in God.

Starting Gate is a place where I share the only constants in my life – Horses and a powerful God who also loves.

I’ve lived a life where I found Jesus, then doubted Him, wandered, was angry at Him, almost deconstructed Him, and then when I realized He was right there all along still loving me. I want to share hope and reassurance from the things I’ve learned over my life with anyone else who might be experiencing similar fears. Through blogs, emails, and the occasional in person event I hope to use the gift of horses to show Gods love to His people.

No matter the church hurt (and it seems like we all have a story), no matter the distance you’ve run from anything religious, you are welcome here. The war is real and I intend to fight for good.

At Starting Gate we daily open the gate to run the race that is set before us (Hebrews 12:1). So one day we can look up and say “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” 2 Timothy 4:7

Horse Racing

Yeah yeah social media killed the blog. 
We refuse to believe that. Prove the internet wrong and hopefully find some encouragement on the blog. 
Want to be a guest writer? Contact me!


Coming Soon!

Coming Soon

Come meet the horses up close!
Riding lessons, ponies and prayer, hands on with the horses classes and events - these will be fun.

Coming Soon

Be Brave.

We only have this one life. One shot at making memories that will become stories worth sharing with our grandchildren. What will your story be?

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