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2022 News

Upcoming Events

Authentic You - October 23 and 30
Books in the Barn Shopping Event - November 13
Becoming Brave - November 20

Hours of Operation

We are open April - November appointment only. Please keep in mind that our arena time with the horses is all outdoors. Dress accordingly - closed toe shoes required at all times.

Welcome to Starting Gate

Starting Gate is a unique place just outside of Lincoln where we have a safe place to grow personally and in our every day relationships. This is a place to learn that bravery is a choice we can make.
The teachers for weekly sessions and special workshops are scientifically incapable of judgement, their only expectation is honesty and authenticity, this is because they're horses!
Most of us have figured out how to survive this life. But we were made for so much more than just surviving. At Starting Gate you can work with a horse no matter if you've never touched one or if you've owned them for years. The work we do with these amazing animals helps us learn how to thrive in this one beautiful life we have.

With programs tailored just for you - we can't wait to see you:

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What does it mean to be brave in your everyday life? What does it mean to be brave in your home or work? We explore this and more in a 3.5 hour afternoon workshop.


This 2 day workshop will help you uncover your true self and help you decide on your next right thing. For women ages 18+


Starting Gate offers our base weekly classes of 4, 6, 8 or 12 weekly sessions. Each week builds on the last to get you confident and excited for your brave next steps. 


The bravest thing we might ever do is trust our whole selves to another person. This 1.5 hour class will help you improve communication and make fun memories together.


If we've learned anything over the last 2 years its that family is here and its important. Its also hard to get along sometimes! This 6 week class will help your family bond in a fun way.

Be Brave.

We only have this one life. One shot at making memories that will become stories worth sharing with our grandchildren. Step into the arena and open the gate to bravery at Starting Gate.