Brave New Moms


Bringing home a new baby for the very first time is just as exciting as it is terrifying. It's a huge step for you and for your family and there are so many decisions to be made for this new little life thats depending on you.


So often the new mother is forgotten. Even by herself. I know I was so swept up in picking out the right crib and reading all the books on babies when I was pregnant with my first child that I forgot to get myself ready for his arrival. As soon as my baby was born I was faced with decisions I didn't anticipate. Who do I allow to hold him when he was not even a few hours old? What were my boundaries about myself and what I needed? Everyone was happy but I felt a cloud around me that took a long time to clear. A long time and a lot of work on boundaries, confidence, leadership and trust. All things I learned with my horses and had to transfer over to motherhood. 

The Brave New Moms workshop was developed from my own experiences of motherhood with horses. I want to share with you, new mama, the things I learned so you can make this transition with courage and confidence. This workshop meets once a week for 4 weeks and is designed for each week to build on the last. Its recommended you take this workshop as a soon to be first time mom in your second trimester, but if you'd like to take it in your first or third or even fourth trimester (yes thats a thing!), or if you already have older kids, that is beautiful too. You are still welcome! 

I believe all mothers are strong and beautiful. You are wanted and welcome here where the horses don't judge and you have a safe place to be vulnerable in this beautiful, awkward, uncomfortable, slightly scary time of transition into a new chapter. Will you Open the Gate?

Upcoming Brave New Moms Workshops

Offered Tuesday Evenings in July. 

Water provided. On your feet time is approximately 45 minutes. Your and your baby's safety is our TOP priority. Class size is limited to 4 people, hand sanitizer constantly available and all materials are sanitized after each class. 
Want to participate but its out of the budget? Send me a message and we can work it out. You are welcome and wanted here. 

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