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Becoming Brave Workshop


"Hi, I'm Taylor, your certified facilitator at Starting Gate and it really feels like my entire life has been lived outside of my comfort zone." 

So it only makes sense that I've come to respect the concept of bravery. Bravery found me in a very unique way and it'll find you.
Perhaps you want to be more brave.

You want to say yes to that date but you're not sure if you should.
You want to ask for that promotion but what if....
You have a pinterest board full of travel inspiration but.....
Your marriage seems great but everyone is expecting you to get divorced just like your parents did. 

Your dating partner wants to take the next step but you cant quite find the courage to give them an answer yet.

You run your own business but asking people for money is SO HARD. 

Do any of these sound familiar? These are important decisions to make in life. Decisions that require bravery. Decisions that require vulnerability and empathy. 

In an afternoon workshop with me and a couple fantastic horses, we will explore the concept of courage and bravery. You will be able to step into the arena and learn straight from some of the bravest animals on the planet. Maybe you'll find out what your next right step is in life. Will you be brave today and open the gate?

PRICE: $70/participant.

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