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Authentic You Workshop


Women move mountains to ensure everyone in their lives are taken care of.

This comes with a lot of love and happiness but also tends to make life busy. So busy that women end up floating through life and easily losing their way in a life thats already very short. Things can get so noisy in our lives that we can no longer hear our purpose, our calling and our passion.

It's very easy to lose sight of who we were made to be.

So how can Starting Gate and horses help? The first step is realizing that where you are is where you need to be right now. Be ready for step two – its a brave quest to find your direction and begin to find answers to the questions you may just now be realizing you need to ask.

Then – you’ll be able to take your next right step, with confidence with joy, courage and positive personal development! 

Humans want to be happy – its a basic thing. We want our families and our communities to be happy, to be loved, but we also need to love ourselves, to live with heads held high and smiles on our faces.

To be brave enough to step into who we are made to be so we can make a difference in our world.

Horses don’t judge.

Raise your hand if you ever feel like you’ve been judged. Even by those that you don’t know – but that vulnerable feeling just creeps in sometimes. The great news at Starting Gate is that horses are incapable of judgement. Think on that – a whole place where judgement does not exist and you can be YOU just for you! Horses don’t care about where you live, what you drive, what you wear, or where you’ve come from. You are unique, as is every horse you will encounter at Starting Gate. This is a no BS workshop!


Ask yourselves these questions:
-Do I believe I can do anything with my life?
-Do I think that nobody can stop me?
-Do I believe I can move a mountain?
-Am I brave enough for my one precious life?


Let's set the intention to work on ourselves from the inside out.

Instead of just fixing up the outside with temporary things like

new hair or clothes and instead focus inside first. Women are

beautiful, we are strong, and courageous when we are truly

authentic and true to our individual selves!

Your life can be what you want and need it to be.

Be True. Be Authentic. Be YOU! And ask yourself…

What’s the worst thing that could happen if I take this

weekend workshop?

You have nothing to lose but FEAR itself!!

(FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real).

AU (1).jpg
Workshop Includes:
  • Your personal success guide and direction book

  • 4 programs with the horses to help guide you to YOU.

  • The famous book – It’s Not Your Dream If It’s Not Hard by Kari Fulmek

  • 4 programs with objectives to find your authentic self

  • MiRo communication assessment – this helps not only you understand your style of communication but also understanding all of those people in your life

  • A life changing workshop!

  • And so much more!

Make YOUR choice today and start this incredible journey made for YOU! Work alongside the power of these magnificent creatures, the horses.

Do this for YOU!

 PRICE: $400/participant for the entire workshop. Bring your own lunch.

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