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We're excited about your visit!

Visitor Expectations

Starting Gate exists to share the gift of horses with everyone. What started as a dream to share horses with anyone regardless of their 'horse experience' has been growing into a small homestead. We have chickens, turkeys, ducks, peacocks, dogs, and cats along with the horses. Should you choose to visit for something besides classes with the horses, please abide by these expectations:


In General

  • Early arrivals are not allowed and must wait off property and remain in their vehicles.

  • Please use the restroom before you come as we do not have restroom facilities. The Shell station isn't far away though.

  • Children under 10 and those that cannot understand and follow guidelines must be with an adult at all times, no exceptions.

  • Leave your dogs and pets at home. This is a working homestead and for the health and safety of our animals and yours we DO NOT allow outside animals to visit.

  • Buildings and animal areas are strictly off limits.

  • Keep your feet on the ground and off of fences, leave doors, gates and buildings closed, and stay out of animal areas. That is their place to feel safe and be free to act how their instincts tell them. This is our home and a working homestead. 

  • The fences are there to keep you and the animals safe, please do not cross them.

  • Please wear foot wear that can get dirty...this is a farm after all!

About the Birds


  • DO NOT chase or pick up chickens/turkeys/ducks/peacocks. They don't like to be petted.

  • Leave Mama hens and babies alone. Enjoy their cuteness but stay out of their way. A mama will be protective and a baby separated from mama is at risk of death. Sounds dramatic, but it’s true.

  • There are roosters here but only nice roosters at Starting Gate. Our firm belief is that everyone can be kind or leave...even the roosters, but we ask that you respect them too.

  • Please save your chicken and rooster noises for after you leave the farm and leave the roosters alone. It is their job to protect the flock and they are always on guard, so let them work and watch from a distance. If you're calm they may even bring the hens to you to see if you have snacks.

  • Chickens don't like to be chased, they think you are a predator that is going to eat them. Chicken chasers will be asked to stop or leave. When you are calm the chickens will closer to see if you have treats and are very fun to interact with!

  • The peacocks can be territorial when they are adults. Please just admire them from afar and allow them to make a choice to come closer or not. Please do not try to pet or chase them.

  • The turkeys are not the most intelligent or fast animals at the farm. Please do not take advantage of this.

    IMPORTANT: While we are a very child friendly place DO NOT leave children of any age unattended outside. According to agritourism laws, we are not liable for any injuries that occur on property due to your or someone else’s negligence.

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